Maximising your workforce

Helping you to build a productive team


Benefit from over 16 years of executive search and selection experience and build your ideal team.

Interview Process

Preparing a structured interview process that ensures you select the most ideal candidate for the job.

Performance Reviews

As part of a retention strategy, our advice on performance reviews will help motivate and develop your staff.


Dealing with difficult situations, whilst protecting your business from costly employment tribunal awards and penalties.


In the majority of businesses, employees are a highly valued resource. For this reason, a well-planned recruitment strategy is crucial to business success.

If you’ve focused on skills and have attracted the ideal talent, every member of your team should perform a vital role within the organisation.

If this is the case, our expertise in retention planning, internal development opportunities and HR may be of interest. From preparing employee contracts and establishing performance reviews, through to recommending incentive schemes, we can ensure your team remains strong.

Alternatively, a recent resignation or a growth opportunity may have left you with a skills gap to fill. We can assist by preparing job descriptions, sourcing potential candidates and structuring the interview process. With 16 years of experience in executive search and selection, Palmers Business Support knows how to attract the right person for the job. Our support will enable you to grow a workforce to meet the specific demands of your organisation.
It is also possible that your employees are not working effectively as a team. Disruptive elements, a lack of motivation, or failure to adapt to the changing needs of the business will affect productivity.

Our expertise could turn things around and get your team back on track. If this isn’t possible, we can be called upon to support the dismissal process.

In certain situations, outsourcing can bring greater benefits than recruitment. If using the services of an outside agency is a viable solution, Palmer Business Support is happy to make personal recommendations from our extensive network of local contacts.

In short, we have the expertise to help you recruit and retain a productive and skilled workforce. For further information, please get in touch today on 01296 662322.