Robust business plans that support growth

Helping you to build on your business success

Key Performance Indicators

Identify the targets, the process and key performance indicators.

Resourcing Strategy

Devise appropriate resourcing strategies – Recruitment, Outsourcing or Training.

Process Management

Plan and monitor the process in conjunction with the business owner.

Results Driven

Review results and assess key performance indicators.


An aspiration of many business owners is to see their company becoming bigger and better. Increasing sales, larger market share and greater brand recognition are all desirable, but scaling up isn’t as simple as doing more of the same.

No matter how successful a business has been in the initial years of trading, there often comes a time when growth reaches a plateau. The will to expand remains, but a key component is missing. When managing daily operations, it is a challenge to see where those barriers lie.

Many businesses have faltered at this crucial stage of development. They’ve lost their core customer base, pushed employees into roles less suited to their skill set, made unwise investments or have grown, but become less profitable. With our support, you can avoid these common pitfalls.

With expertise in Accounting, Recruitment and HR, Palmers Business Support is well placed to provide an informed objective perspective.
Starting with a review of your financial records, process and personnel, we can build a clear picture of your current position. The next stage is to discuss your plans and identify the right time to make the right investments to realise long term growth.

Our Business Growth Support could include:

  • Preparing financial forecasts to attract investors
  • Recruiting a sales manager with a proven track record
  • Planning an export strategy
  • Advising on internal training and development opportunities to retain core employees
Should your business growth requirements extend beyond our realm of expertise, we have also built a reliable network of trusted, local professionals. Their knowledge and practical assistance can be drawn on as and when it is needed.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, let’s arrange an initial meeting. Contact Palmers Business Support on 01296 662322.